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Powell Security Procedures



We are heartbroken over the tragic events in Florida. I know that each of you feel for the community and I hope you join me in sending them our thoughts and prayers as they deal with this tragedy.  As events occur, it brings many questions and concerns about our own community.  I am hoping to pass on this information to put you at ease. The following are some things we do to assure that our school and community are safe:

1.  Security doors:  During the school day, visitors are only able to enter the main entrance.  They have to check in at the front and are asked about their business on campus that day.  Most of the time, visitors stay in the front office area and do not progress beyond our secure doors. We also check our exterior doors multiple times each day to make sure they are secure.

2.  Police officer:  We have police officers that check in with our school throughout the day. When they are not on campus, they are readily available as we need them and are stationed close by.

3.  1-888-KID-CHAT is a reporting system to allow for students and/or parents to report possible issues anonymously.  We investigate each issue reported to assure there is not a problem or handle the incident.

4.  Emergency Procedures:  We cover our emergency procedures with our staff and students, and schedule drills to ensure everyone knows what to do in the event of an emergency.


I hope that the above alleviate any concerns that you may have.  It is a team effort to keep everyone in our community safe.  Below are some things to consider discussing with your children in the event of an emergency.

1.  Stay calm, identify the issue and where it is and move quickly away from the situation.

2.  Find a safe location to hide.  (classroom, closet, etc.).

3.  Secure the location as best as possible. (Furniture against the door, etc)

4.  Prepare in case the aggressor is in your area (have staplers, textbooks, other objects, etc.)

5.  Defend yourself if necessary.  Throw items at the individual, attack them if you cannot get away.  Work to alleviate the threat.

6.  Wait for police to enter and clear your safe location.

Please know that we always review our plans to do the best job we can to assure the safety of our students and staff. Our next lockdown drill will be on Tuesday. We will thoroughly review safety procedures at this time. I know that together we can keep our community safe and help those that are faced with difficult times.

I appreciate your support and concern for our school and community.


Thank you,


Lisa Garrison