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Accelerated Reader

At this time, only 3rd graders participate in Accelerated Reader.

Most books at Powell have AR quizzes indicated on the book with a colored dot sticker on the spine.

3rd grade students can take AR tests in the library or in their classroom.

Please check with our child’s teacher to find out his/her current AR reading range. We have purchased a subscription that allows us to access all Accelerated Reader reading tests that have been written. There are over 120,000 tests now available to students.

The dots correspond to the following reading levels:

Pink 0.1-0.9

Yellow 1.0-1.9

Red 2.0-2.9

Orange 3.0-3.9

Green 4.0-4.9

Blue 5.0-5.9

Purple 6 and above

To search for the reading level of any book:

Please note: This will not provide any information as to whether or not the book is available at Powell. It will give a summary of the book as well as the reading level (BL) and point value.

1. Go to AR BookFinder at

2. On the Welcome page, click parent and submit.

3. Choose the Quick Search, Advanced Search or Collection and enter the search terms.