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Bluebonnet Program

Tracking Sheet Front Sidepdf

Tracking Sheet Back Sidepdf

  • Students will be introduced to the current Bluebonnet Books at their weekly library visits.
  • Students may check out one new Bluebonnet book at a time.
  • Each student will have a Texas Bluebonnet Award tracking sheet to personally record the titles of the books he/ she has read.
  • Students may read the book themselves or have a teacher, librarian, or parent read the book to or with them.
  • The student’s teacher or parent should initial next to each title to verify that the student has successfully completed those books.
  • As the students read 5, 10, 15, or 20 books, they may come to the library with their tracking sheet to pick up their Bluebonnet rewards. ***They must bring their tracking sheets with them in order to claim their prizes.***
  • A Class Tracking Chart will be kept in the library, and will be marked as the student comes in to receive his/her prizes.

Rewards for Number of Bluebonnet Books Read:

5 books (from THIS years list) – Blue Party with certificate eligible to vote in January (due 1-18-17)

10 books (from ANY years list) – Bluebonnet pencil and book fair coupon (due 2-15-17)

15 books (from ANY years list) – Pizza party (due 4-7-17)

20 books (from ANY years list) – Bluebonnet Ice Cream Party & name on announcements (due 5-2-17)