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Paperback Book Exchange

Are your children’s shelves overflowing with books?

Would you like for them to have some new titles for free??

I hope this event will promote summer reading by giving students new titles to read. Here’s how it works:

Students can bring up to 25 used (but in good condition) paperback books Monday through Thursday, May 15-18 during their regular library time. We especially need books for our soon to be 5th grade students.

Please do not send hardback books, board books, magazines or books that are not suited for grades K-6. Please limit kids meal books to 3 per student.

***A note of caution: Students should get parental permission to bring books. I do not want any family favorites of books with sentimental attachments to leave home.***

Students will receive BOOK BUCKS for each book depending on the number of pages.

The books will be sorted and organized according to value using the same BOOK BUCK value assigned upon turn in.

On May 22, students with BOOK BUCKS will be allowed to shop. Classes will have an assigned time during the day. Ideally, there will be no books left at the end of the sale.

More detailed information will be sent to parents in May.