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Our School

About Powell Elementary

School Colors: Purple & White
School Mascot: Panther


Powell Elementary School opened in the fall of 1994. Our first Principal was Dr. Dianne Reed, and our first Assistant Principal was Mrs. Kim Mellor. Powell Elementary School began that first year housed at Galatas Elementary. There were two classes per room, one a Galatas Elementary class, and one a Powell Elementary class. Construction was finally completed and students and staff were able to move into the new school building at 7332 Cochran’s Crossing Drive over the Thanksgiving holidays. On January 30, 1995, General Colin Powell, was in attendance at the dedication of the new facility. Powell Elementary had an enrollment of about 300 students at that time. As General Powell entered the gym, the students were singing and waving American flags. It was truly an extraordinary experience! Erin Anderson is serving as Powell Elementary’s Principal. Lora Sims and Monica Hock are Powell Elementary’s Assistant Principals.

Mission Statement

At Powell Elementary, we are dedicated to providing a positive learning environment that empowers students to strive for excellence, accept others, and treat everyone with kindness.  Our goal is to encourage all students to persevere academically and be responsible citizens in our school, community, and the world around them!

Vision Statement

The vision of Powell Elementary is to be a supportive, inclusive and intentional school community through:

  • collaboration that provides consistent instructional practices to ensure daily learning and individual growth;
  • focused instruction with high expectations that meets the needs of a diverse student population;
  • cooperative partnerships with staff, parents, and the community to ensure a safe learning environment; and
  • fostering compassion and character development through strong classroom communities.
General Colin Powell

General Colin Powell

General Colin Powell is an American statesman and a retired four-star general in the United States Army. He was the 65th United States Secretary of State, serving under U.S. President George W. Bush from 2001 to 2005. During his military career, Powell also served as National Security Adviser (1987–1989), as Commander of the U.S. Army Forces Command (1989) and as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (1989–1993), holding the latter position during the Persian Gulf war.